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My H. Pylori Story

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by LeslieAJ »

You should not take this stuff before you re-test and make sure you still have it

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by helico_highBP »

Hi All ,

Please advice

First of all this forum is really good where I am reading most of the information about people who are going through same pain.

About me : Age 28 , 6 feet , 200 lbs and used to go gym , running always.

In My case Even after going through triple therapy of Amox , Clarithromycin and Omeprazole I am still having bloating , Increased blood pressure ( ~140 / 85 )

Emergency Instances : -

For me this nightmare started with a Panic Attack ? ( thats what doctor said) where I landed up in ER via 911 help . Had increased heartbeats , sweating , chest fluttering kind of symptoms. As soon as paramedic came and took EKG it was all normal ( everything happened within 5 minutes )
I have gone through TROPONIN Tests , EKG each more than 3 times when these sessions of high blood pressure were going on.
Finally I have done Stress Test for Heart and couple of X Ray imaging but everything came normal.

H Pylori Detected :
After 6 visits with Doctor I got chance to do breath test and got detected positive for H Pylori - which I was happy because I though at least they found something wrong and something they can work on.

H Pylori Treatment :
Now my treatment is complete where I got 3000 mg of Amox + Clarithromycin + Omeprazole(20mg*2) for 14 days .

4 days after I started getting nightmares , lack of sleep and scary dreams which got relieved after 8th day but I still didnt step back from those antibiotics.

Post H Pylori Treatment :
Feeling much better compare to past month , started driving , playing tennis a little bit but since yesterday I started getting more stomach acidity , bloating and cold sweat sometimes.. I also started experiencing Heartbits / fluttering kind of sensations but Apple watch still shows heart rate between 75 - 97 bpm.

Doctor's always said Blood Pressure rise may be due to Anxiety or I am thinking too much but I still suspect if this bacteria has any relation with blood pressure ?

I usually get Numbing of Left hand , little bit of Pain , bloating most of the times and these sessions can last hours but eventually I feel better and again it continues.

Please please help as I am all stuck with these things and I just want to live my life again how it used to be prior to this bacteria

Thank You

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Helico_expert »

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Shamaiza »

Hi everyone I’m new here and just looking for answers!!

This is my story..

A little bit about me.

Age 31
Live In the uk

March 2020 I tested positive for H.pylori, after doing a bunch of other tests before like bloods. I was put on the triple amoxicillin/omeprazole/Clarithromycin and for the best part of a month maybe two I felt totally normal happy back to doing things I was normally doing I WAS RELIEVED!!

this was short lived 😭 fast forward to end of June the symptoms started to re surface!!

I’ve spoken with my doctor a number of times as I was never re tested to see whether the triple course of medicine actually worked!!

I was told it could be gord (gastric/espohpigal/reflux/disease) so the doctor put me on esomeprazole after a week a felt the symptoms were getting worse not better so called the doctor again to only be told to up my dose from 20mg omeprazole to 40mg for 7 days!! After day5 I felt no improvement so called back up to only be told they will refer me for a endoscopy!!
My symptoms are sore throat inflamed red angry looking throat, difficulty sleeping, back pain, excessive burping, after eating a hour later my stomach feels empty then the pains come on it’s like a gnawing pain in my stomach!! I can hear the stomach acid swishing around, stomach rumbling ! When I shine a light at the back of my mouth it looks so so red and feels like it’s on fire 🔥
I can’t take this anymore I just want to feel normal!!
It’s starting to affect my everyday life, I no longer want to do anything it’s really getting me down!!
Waiting for my appointment at the gastric clinic so that I can get some answers!!

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Helico_expert »

hmm.. it's not good waiting for a recovery if H. pylori still present.
so if you had not done so, first thing is to find out if you still have H. pylori.

if you are still positive, then focus on how to get rid of the antibiotic resistant strain

if you are already negative of H. pylori, then you can focus on how to go back to normal.

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Shamaiza »

Thank you for getting back to me,

I’m waiting for my appointment date to come through the post any day now for the endoscopy to see if there’s and h.pylori present, but because I’m on the esomeprazole I would have to come off it 2weeks prior to the appointment so that I can get a clear result!! And not a false negative.

I even went to the hospital today to get some answers and I didn’t manage to sleep at all last night, I was just told I’d have to wait for the appointment to come through 😫 she also gave me lansoprazole 15mg to take instead of the esomeprazole and told me I could up the dose by taking it twice a day.

My symptoms are only getting worse as I feeling these medications are only masking the true diagnosis!!

I feel so helpless right now,

I eat and within half a hour my stomach is getting hunger pangs as if I haven’t eaten all day, my throat feels so sore and no amount of paracetamol is making a difference!! because I’m not showing any red flag 🚩 symptoms ie, black tarry stool, vomit blood, weight loss, I’m just being told to wait.

My anxiety is only making things worse as my mum passed away 2yrs ago from cancer of the esophegas.

I just want to feel normal again 😢

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Helico_expert »

perhaps you can switch to famotidine for 2 weeks before the endoscopy.

famotidine has short life-span, wont stay in your body for a long time. So it wont affect stool test, breath test or endoscopy result.

as for anxiety... you probably have to speak to some specialist about how to stay mentally positive.
focus on something that you like to do and keep yourself busy.

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Ezekenneth »

Please I need help, this is the fourth time I treated h pylori but still positive in my body, I used amoxiclin and clarithromicin.

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Helico_expert »

Have you been treated with the same antibiotics all these time?

you can reuse amoxicillin, but you cannot use clarithromycin in your next treatment.

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Re: My H. Pylori Story

Post by Imrankhalid »

Hi there,

My story started about 4 months ago with massive episodes of panic and axiety attacks mainly during the night times. With this I started loosing my appetite with bloating, stomach cramps and nausea at times.

I was put on mild antidepressant combined with mindfulness activities.

My symptoms related to stomach got worse and I almost lost 7kg weight. Went to gp and he did breath test which came positive for pylori. Just finished with 7 days antibiotics treatment and feeling slightly better but with no appepite and a lot of weakness. Is it normal to loose that much weight and feel weak with Hpylori?


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