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Stomach and bowel problems

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Joined: Tue Feb 25, 2020 10:59 pm

Re: Stomach and bowel problems

Post by akiraxx »

Atrix wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 4:45 pm
akiraxx wrote:
Thu Feb 27, 2020 3:59 pm
Do you mind if i ask your age? i heard recovery is based on your age, how healthy you are ( no smoking or drinking ) im 37 years old male and gotten the bacteria in Sydney Australia during my 3 months holiday. dirty restaurant. this was last January, Got endoscopy/colonscopy on August along with eradication H.Pylori with Antibiotics. 2 months eating bad stuff that i didnt know i shouldnt eat. Started having the right diet with LowFOdMAP on October... been 3/4 months now without PPI and controlled with diet. ... eflux.html

Check that link, what works for me....pretty much normal White Rice ( jasmine ), Chicken breast fillet, Fish, Vegetable that i eat is Bok choy/Pak choy, Carrot, Apple ( with the skin peeled off ), Pear....Grilled/steam/boiled/Baked, long as its not fried. and coffee/tea/ milk/...i pretty much just drink can make Apple or Carrot juice without sugar....also make sure when you cook vegetables, it has to be really really can use celtic salt or himalayan rock salt..just a pinch not too much
Thanks, mate, for your kind advice. You seem to have taken quite a comprehensive approach in regards to diet. I support that as long as this brings you closer to recovery. For me.. how should I put it.. the suffering is not so grave to resort to low fodmap or cut out drastically my other staple foods. When I notice a connection between food I've eaten and worsening / improvement of symptoms I definitevely go for it.. On the other hand, life without many essential sources of carbohydrates, dairy and other stuff would become pretty much miserable.. Of course this is just my take on that. I am 46 years old male from Northern Europe.. I am a phisically active person, pay attention to my diet.. However I am susceptible to stress at my workplace and I don't stay away from alcohol and an occasional cigar..

Sounds good! yeah having to do LowFODMAP is a bit too much for alot of people. I guess if it works out with your approach then i am glad that it works out for you :D i'm glad that you still able enjoy a lot of food and alcohol :) I hope you get 100% recovery soon! you have managed it well and had no symptoms for a year, so i am sure you would be able to achieve it again mate :) Good luck!

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Re: Stomach and bowel problems

Post by tunesx9 »

Hello, frequent question among post hpylori eradication , i would call it fonctionnal dyspepsia it is complex .... i would say 60 % will have it after eradication , no test will show anything wrong woth you, hpylori is not a devil that we should eager to kill .... if you take someone with hpylori but not symptomatic wich is the case of 80% of the population especially in developping countries and eradicate the bacteria its very likely he will developp some gi issues like gerd , ibs ...... now lets get back to cancer eradicating hpylori will lower the stomack cancer rate and peptic ulcers but will rise the risk of oesephage cancer , food allergies , crohn disease and so on ....
Its not black and white , some of you after eradication will have a perfect year than relapse or 2 or 3 years than relapse and this time hpylori is negative .... i suggest stay away from ppi accept the flares , they will move on and eat healthy and exercise.

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Re: Stomach and bowel problems

Post by Dutchwoman »

Atrix wrote:
Tue Feb 25, 2020 5:16 pm
I am among those who haven't had full resolution of gastric symptoms after hpylori eradication. For me it took 2 years getting back to normal after a successful quadruple therapy. I thought that everything was fine now. But after one normal year there was a relapse. Having discomfort, blunt / mild pain, flatulance and acidic taste in the mouth for which I take ranitadine (unfortunately, banned now everywhere due found carcinogenic properties) and 1 tablet of De-Nol (bismuth subcitrate). Of course symptoms are diffrent / largerly milder compared to those, when infected, but still present. I read a lot of online-research, where I could see that hpylori eradication didn't always bring 100% relief of symptoms in cases of so-called non-ulcer dyspepsia. Maybe they are related to change of acidity levels in the stomach after killing bacteria, I don't know. So, mild chronic gastritis is still present and recurring regardless of hpylori therapy. Symptoms get worse when in stress or when overeating and / or not masticating food slowly and properly. At least I take comfort in the fact that my chances of getting stomach cancer are lower since getting rid of the bug. Freshly pressed carrot juice and sprinkling profusely cinnamon on some foods bring relief as well. Good luck to all of you ;)
Yes you are correct about acid level. The reason why you don’t fully get back to normal is because of to much damage of the stomach. I had a very bad infection because of external stress. My doctor was non interested and I found out five or six months later. Due to a lack of good interaction it went to far than necessary.

This resulted in a changed acid level and erosion of the lower part of the stomach. Food doesn’t get digested properly and this gives problems later in the bowel. Doctors call the problems spastic bowel, but that’s just a overall and often used name for digestive problems.

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