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Can H Pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?

There are several types of tests for H.pylori. The major ones have a their own forum.

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Can H Pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?

Post by prider90 »

new member here ! :) Hello from Romania !

28yo 65kg male with no past issues, no current meds.

3 years ago I suddenly began to feel very dizzy, stomach cramps and eventually diarheea. Went to the hospital and told me I may have salmonella. Did some tests that came back negative.
After that I started to get the 'sick' feeling and anxiety but without the stomach issues. This lasted almost 3 months. Went to another doc, did MRI s and bloodwork. Nothing found. I have this episode for the last 3 years !
This month the symptoms came back. Went to a doc again. Told me is probably anxiety. I told him that the feelings are causing me anxiety not viceversa. I began to feel better but last day got worse. Went again to the doc and asked me to do a h pylori test. I'm waiting for the result tomorrow. Can h pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?
Basically every day I feel:
-extreme nausea
-sick feeling
I forgot to mention I do NOT have panic attacks, trouble breathing, heart palpitations or increased pulse.
ps: at night I feel absolutely normal! No troubles sleeping.

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Re: Can H Pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?

Post by Helico_expert »

H. pylori can give stomach problem. and stomach problem may or may not raise anxiety.
I believe when the stomach symptom is relieved, then people are less concern about it. For example, if the symptom can be controlled by PPI, most people will just rely on PPI and move on.

But when the symptoms are not relieved, some patient tried many ways, seen many doctors, tired of problem not solved, then that can lead to frustration and ultimately anxiety. This is also observed among patients who had many antibiotic treatments and unable to kill multi drug resistant HP.

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Re: Can H Pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?

Post by acb »

I think it does for me. But I have other issues like fructose malabsorption that also causes depression. However I had new depressive episodes after stopping fructose and reintroduced fat and vinegar (without sugar).

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Re: Can H Pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?

Post by Christild »

I had it, it gives stomach problems and thus anxiety

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Re: Can H Pylori cause anxiety symptoms ?

Post by Diasilane »

In my case it was a bad breath, a good reason for anxiety :). Life's difficulties significantly affect the psychological and emotional state of a person. In the contemporary world, where logical conclusions can be made only from the point of view of science, it seems incredible to people that our psycho-emotional state can cause many diseases in us. Take Henry Ford (founder of the Ford Motor Company) as an example; he was in a state of anxiety for a very long time, which became fraught with an illness where doctors predicted the lethal outcome. As soon as he stopped worrying, he began to recover and eventually recovered. Therefore, the easiest way to recover from diseases is to work out your psycho-emotional state. There are very different first-class specialists, such as, who have helped so many people get healed.

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