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H pylori resistance

There are several types of tests for H.pylori. The major ones have a their own forum.

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Re: H pylori resistance

Post by hazimali »

I agree that antibiotic sensitivity test is the best way to go
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Re: H pylori resistance

Post by Rashed9 »

hazimali wrote:
Sun Nov 21, 2021 5:55 pm
I agree that antibiotic sensitivity test is the best way to go
I did sensitivity test but failed so we try third line treatment

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Re: H pylori resistance

Post by AMERC »

Hi Helico_expert

Is it possible for this bacteria to come back in a few months after successful eradication with antibiotics and ppi?

I got this bacteria last year and went through 2 different 7 day antibiotics +ppi treatments. Finally in March this year my stoll test for the bacteria was negative and just to be sure I did another stool test in May which was also negative. The acidity symptoms gradually reduced and for the last 2 months I was back to normal

However last weekend I probably had more than usual restaurant food which caused Indigestion but this has calmed down although I am now having mild acidity again. Feeling the acid reflux in the chest area. Trying to manage with antacids.

I am hoping its not the bacteria again and it will settle down soon

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Re: H pylori resistance

Post by Helico_expert »


It's actually very hard to get H. pylori back.
H. pylori is sensitive to many things (eg. salt, chilli, garlic, sugar, etc) and doesnt survive well outside human body.
So we dont believe it is possible to transmit H. pylori via well cooked and spiced food.

It is possible to get it via kissing, especially in the early morning before brushing teeth.
So, just make sure you (and your partner) brush your teeth in the morning, you'll be alright.

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