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need help i have hp

Breath tests are the most accurate way of detecting H.pylori without actually having an endoscopy (stomach examination). Breath tests are especially useful after treatment to make sure H.pylori is cured. Urea breath tests are known to be completely harmless. Either C14-urea or C13-urea tests are used. Read about them at the diagnosis section at where a diagram can be found. C14-urea breath tests use a radioactive tracer but such a tiny amount that it can be used safely at any age. It is a 15 minute test, convenient and inexpensive. The C13-urea test uses a stable isotope of carbon which is also harmless but requires two breath samples and takes about 30 minutes. Both tests have accuracy greater than 90%.

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need help i have hp

Post by NADIABYAZ1982 »

Pls doctor i have hp and Gastritis i take many medecin my doctor gave me medecin 2 traetments first is oedes 20 mg 1gel 2times 5 days and Aximycine 1000 g1gel 2times 5 days and when i finished all ths medecin i take other treatment oedes 20 mg 1gel 2times 5 days and Zeclar 500 mg 1gel 2times 5 days and flagyl 500mg 1gel 2times 5 days but ths last treatment i stop take it after 2 days n again tried to take i want know if will be not éfficace after ths stoped and i tell ths to my doctor but he said if i stoped i can take now only medecin oedes and beviran fort ths medecin will not Elimination hélicobactére pylori n still take it n feel paining so much it mean bactérie hp still live in my estomack what can i do pls pls tell me any medecin can i take it and i hear if i take Herb called Liquorice kill these hp

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Re: need help i have hp

Post by Helico_expert »

nobody knows if your stopping for 2 days will work. I guess since you already got the drug, you should continue to finish it. may it will work. after that, you'll need to stop your oedes for 3-4 weeks and do a breath test to check if you still have H. pylori. if still positive, you can try other antibiotic combinations. Talk to your GP about this paper below. See if he has access to any of the antibiotics.

original article ... 532.d03t03

supporting document with treatment plan ... 9/suppinfo

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