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Weird symptoms

Who knows, maybe H.pylori causes diseases outside the stomach. Cardiovascular disease, skin problems, migraine, autoimmune disease and nurologic disease have been suggested (to name a few). Keep on the lookout and we await proof.

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Weird symptoms

Post by pr1 »

here's a list of my current symptoms, related or not to my gastrointestinal condition (ulcer? Irritable Bowel Syndrome?)
- exhaustion upon waking up
- occasional drowsiness
- occasional dizziness
- tinitus
- quasi-permanent bloating, especially acute in the morning and after meals
- migraines (behind eyeballs, in the temples)
- occasionally, dry-eye syndrome
- occasionally, Herpes-like pimples below nose
- occasionally, cysts inside the nose that hurt
- occasionally, cysts at top of palate
- occasionally, electric shocks in colon in Illiac Crest area
- faint spells
- fibromyalgic symptoms (joint pain, nerve pain, ...)
- constant intestinal irritation
- back aches (L3)
- painful spine nerves
- scars that come and go, which may take weeks to heal

Does anyone in this forum with an ulcer and/or IBS have similar symptoms?

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Re: Weird symptoms

Post by Helico_expert »

stomach ulcer can be painful.
it's usually caused by the depletion of your stomach mucus, and the acid is burning the stomach skin.

So imagine your ulcer is being washed by strong acid of pH 1-2.

some ulcers can be very close to artery and can lead to internal bleeding. During the time when H. pylori has not been discovered, people used to just die suddenly from internal bleeding.


as you can see, IBS is different to ulcer. IBS is more likely due to the imbalance microbiota. However, perhaps the inflammation in the stomach leads to the imbalance of intestinal microbiota? this area is not yet proven.

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Re: Weird symptoms

Post by pr1 »

Hello Helico_expert,
you're the first MD that has made a possible link between IBS and H Pylori, that I have encountered.
Most gastro-enterologists don't have a clue as to what causes the former and treat it with probiotics, Spagulax, Transipeg, ... As far as I am concerned, none of those has ever abated my symptoms: shredded stools, diarrhea, ...
Although I'm not an MD, I'll make the following wild speculation: H Pylori (or some other bacteria/viruses in the stomach and/or the gut) causes neural (migraines, electric shocks, tooth aches, neck aches, back aches, ...), and skin disorders (bleeding inside nose, scabs that come and go, ...)

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