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5 days in triple therapy treatment and developing new symptoms

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5 days in triple therapy treatment and developing new symptoms

Post by Ohkool »

First of all I want to say that this forum has been really helpful with H.Pylori information and thanks in advance for reading my case and questions!
I'm a 34yrs old Petite Female, normally healthy and gymming regularly. It all started back 2 months ago where I suddenly got an anxiety attack (which I never had in my life) while eating out with my friends. I was feeling really weird and out of place and weak and feeling scared and doomed. Pass forward a month later, I had another episode of that and ever since I get really anxious and scared for another attack. I came in and talked to my physician and she prescribed me some busiprone to relax and sleep better and she thinks it was just me having stress build up over time and finally my body just couldn't handle it anymore.
Last week, I woke up feeling weak and was really anxious and scared for no reason again, and started having other symptoms like frequent excessive belching, sometimes I can feel foods and acid going back up to my throat when I burp. My chest felt tight and shortness of breath. No pain anywhere. My Dr did a stool test and I was positive for H.Pylori.
I'm on day 5 of my triple therapy treatment of 2 capsules of Amoxicillin 500mg, 1 capsule of Omeprazole 20mg, 1 tablet of Clarithromycin 500mg--twice a day! I've been reading about other natural stuff I can take to make sure it can help in the process of eradicating H.Pylori.
Other stuff I am taking is : Vitamin D, Probiotic, mastic gum, and manuka honey!
First day on triple therapy treatment I was feeling a little funny like I was having another anxiety attack but it went away quickly. After the second day my chest tightness went away completely BUT started having new and other symptoms. Old symptoms like anxiety, excessive belching are still there. New symptoms are: feeling more gassy and passing a lot of wind (flatulence), light dull pain upper left quadrant and sensitive to touch right below the sternum that doesn't seems to go away (it's not severe so if Im busy doing something I will not even notice it, but of course when I'm free my mind will start thinking about it and feeling it), undigested food in stool and diarrhea started to kick in by day 4 of the treatment, lost appetite and not craving for any foods but I still try to eat as much and healthy as possible, lost 3lbs in the last 9 days and I do feel like maybe because I'm not eating as much and no fats or sugar or anything in my diet, everytime I lay down I can hear my stomach making squishing, gurling, or grumbling noises but I can't hear the noise if Im sitting or standing. I get hunger pangs and do feel better after eating but I can only eat smaller amount as I don't have any appetite. And then I get hungry like an hour or so after so I have to eat like 5-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 big meals in the past! Spoke to my physician and all she said was go to ER if I feel worse and follow up with her after I finish my 14 days treatment, which is not an answer I expected.
My questions are:
1. Are my symptoms common with H.pylori and triple therapy treatment?
2. Is it possible that my anxiety started suddenly because of H.Pylori?
3. Any of my symptoms is red flag 🚩 and I should be concerned or go to the ER to have it evaluated?
4. My new symptoms developed could be from anxiety and stress?
I feel like when my anxiety is there and I can't sleep, I do feel worse and think of all the worst possible causes like cancer! No family history of cancer but diabetes! I had blood work tested in March and everything came out within normal ranges and no vitamin deficiency either!
Sorry for the long post but I'm done here! I just hate having these anxiety and negative thoughts all day long!

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Re: 5 days in triple therapy treatment and developing new symptoms

Post by Ohkool »

Day 7 on antibiotics (yesterday): I had some beef noodle soup for dinner and immediately feel a slight nausea after eating, 2hrs after meal, as I was watching a movie, sudden weird feeling with heart racing came on and my body started feeling weak and cold and anxious like I was having an anxiety attack, that feeling subtle after like 4-5mins and I started burping excessively and I felt better with the anxiety. However, I kept waking up a few times last night in my sleep with heart race and anxiety feelings but was being able to go back to sleep again because I took some melatonin. I haven't been able to sleep well for a whole week (insomnia) and my anxiety is like sky high all day long and keep thinking about something worse rather than H.pylori. I think my anxiety attacks is what scaring me because I never had them in my life before. Only started like couple months ago.

Symptoms I still have/ don't have: excessive burping especially right after eating, flatulence (maybe a little less), no more abdominal pain, stomach noises when lay down (definitely more subtle today) high anxiety, anxiety attacks episodes with heart racing and feeling scared, feeling restless and difficult sleeping through out the night, lack of appetite, mild diarrhea (I don't have to rush to the bathroom but my stool is yellow/green color, loose and has undigested foods in it), not being able to gain back the weight loss yet, hunger pangs subtle but I do feel weak when stomach empty.

Have anyone else experienced the same symptoms like mine before and during triple therapy treatment? Especially the anxiety attacks and feeling weak and restless at night? 😢 I had been sick snd hospitalized in the past but nothing gave me the anxious feelings and restless nights like this.

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Re: 5 days in triple therapy treatment and developing new symptoms

Post by Helico_expert »


thank you for sharing your story. it will be very helpful to many others who had the same symptoms.

1. I dont think anxiety is related to H. pylori.
2. Your appetite (and nauseous symptoms) may be because of the antibiotics.
3. Your burping symptoms, pain around the stomach, bloating, reflux related symptoms may be improved because of the PPI that you are taking.
4. because PPI reduce your stomach acid, maybe that can contribute to your affected appetite.

I think so far your H. pylori treatment is good. Your side effects from the treatment seems mild. continue until you finish all tablets. make sure you get a follow up test one month after treatment.

I also think that you may have other underlying anxiety problem. You can speak to your doctor about finding out the source of the anxiety. Nevertheless, anxiety can sometimes go away by itself without doing anything. Just stay positive. try not to think too much about it.

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