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Excessive stomach acid after treatment

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Re: Excessive stomach acid after treatment

Post by Helico_expert »

Hi, there is nothing really to help your stomach heal apart from eating healthy and having a healthy life style.

If PPI works in relieving your symptoms, do continue.
If pantoprazole is not working, you can try other brands, eg. rabeprazole.

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Re: Excessive stomach acid after treatment

Post by TinaSF »

Hi helico expert,
I'm writing to update you on my current status.
I took tetracycline for 9 days and metronidazole for 1 day back in late August. I was told to stop metronidazole after day when I developed peripheral neuropathy side effects and to continue tetracycline. While taking tetracycline, I developed throat tightness and some difficulty swallowing.
I was then misdiagnosed via email that I had oral thrush so I took nystantin and ended up completely losing the ability to swallow for a few days. It has taken almost a year to eat solid food again.
I finally got off of omepraolze 40mg so I could re test for h pylori and was on famotadine and simethicone for 3 weeks and tested negative.
However, I still have all my original symptoms like a stomach tightness, constant belching, inability to pass gas, heart palpitations, gnawing sensation in my stomach, and bloating. Simethicone controls almost all of my symptoms coupled with pepcid.
It's been almost 1 year in August without any improvement in symptoms. My diet is very limited as I'm unable to digest dairy, chocolate, fried foods, tomatoes, garlic, onions, oranges, apples, and the list goes on.
I did an endoscopy immediately after the partial antibiotic treatment. While on 40mg of omeprazole, they found fundic polyps and mild inflammation in my stomach. What do you recommend for me at this point? Should I get another stool test in a few months?
Should I submit to another endoscopy? Any ideas would be helpful. Thank you!!

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Re: Excessive stomach acid after treatment

Post by Helico_expert »

Did your gastroenterologist send a biopsy for histology? if yes, what did the report say about the inflammation? or did they do a specific HP stain? sometimes you can ask the pathologist to bring the slide out for second review.
Did your gastroenterologist check the pH of the gastric juice? sometimes, when the acid level is low, it's hard to detect H. pylori.

Nevertheless, it seems like there is no serious problem from your gastroenterologist. Otherwise he would have mentioned to you.

There is no need for frequently endoscopy. Since there is no major problem, then perhaps once every 12 or 24 months.

if you want to know if HP is still present, dont take any ppi. (it's ok to take H2 blockers). then repeat breath/stool test.

As you mentioned that there is still some inflammation in the stomach according to the endoscopy, perhaps that's why you still have the symptoms. If the histology report says that it's non-active gastritis, then it's a sign of healing. So hopefully through time, you will gradually recover. If the report says it's active gastritis, then something is still causing the inflammation. It could be H. pylori or it could be something else. food allergy?

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