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欧洲幽门螺杆菌治疗共识 5

Amid this lockdown, I have started getting nausea and bloating after eating, two weeks ago shared food with my wife

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Re: Amid this lockdown, I have started getting nausea and bloating after eating, two weeks ago shared food with my wife

Post by Myrad56 »

Helico_expert wrote:
Fri Jun 05, 2020 11:18 am
You can switch PPI to H2 blockers like Ranitidine,famotidine ,nizatidine and cimetidine .
They are not like PPI. H2 blockers have short half life in your body. So you can continue to take these H2 blockers until the night before stool/breath test.

gastritis in medical term, means inflammation in the stomach. Everyone infected with H. pylori will have the inflammation.

gastritis to general public, means the gastric symptoms, like reflux, pain, bloating, etc. They are not necessary cause by H. pylori. Some people are just sensitive to certain food. So these people will have to talk to a dietitian or immunologist and see what food they may be allergic to or the body is rejecting.

stomach ulcer normally mean the acid is too high or when the mucous is not enough to hold off the acid, and the stomach wall get burns off. It's like a mouth ulcer, but in the stomach. It can be painful. If the stomach ulcer is close to the artery, then it can become a bleeding ulcer and can be fatal.
Thanks for this wonderful suggestion, it gives a lot of hope !!

Well, I talked to my family doctor on phone and he clearly denied that its H pylori which is causing my pain in fact to my awe he said that ulcers are not caused by bacteria at all and that H Pylori is highly common and even possibly he had it in his stomach as well. He got a bit mad at me for suspecting sharing food with an infected friend responsible for my pains. I think since gastroenterology isn't his expertise and he is just a young GP, in his late 30s, he is a bit naïve. He treats me for absolutely free being a family acquaintance that can also be a reason for his ignorance.

I also have had highly severe diarrhea predominant IBS as well. An urge to rush to toilet and have loose stools right after breakfast and sometimes even after regular meals has been something I have been coping up with for the last 8-9 years.

I have such sever hypersensitivity around my abdomen that all day I have stay without any strings tied on the clothes around my belly and while outside I can't wear anything tight around my belly since there has been some constant sensitivity and discomfort in my abdomen for years.

Gastritis and IBS-D go hand in hand so that can be one more diagnosis for me.

Let's see what happens after my test.

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Re: Amid this lockdown, I have started getting nausea and bloating after eating, two weeks ago shared food with my wife

Post by Helico_expert »

50% of stomach ulcer is caused by H. pylori.
another 50% is caused by NSAIDs, like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.

if you dont have H. pylori and dont take NSAIDs, it is very hard to get ulcers.

While it is possible to spread H. pylori via sharing food, It is too very rare if you lived in a community where everyone brushes teeth. H. pylori doesnt live in the mouth and can be cleared away with simple teeth brushing.

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