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acidic burping after h.pylori eradication

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2020 11:12 am
by rashu
Hi Helico_expert,
I am 34 yrs old. I used to have mild silent reflux occasionally. During oct 2019 i had some mild stomach pain after a flu , so went to a Gastroenterologist . the doctor did endoscopy, found Nodular gastritis in the body and acute gastritis without bleeding in the antrum , said i had h.pylori and GERD . treated the H.pylori and was on PPI for next 3 months (severely on stress during this period for other reasons). Slowly stopped the PPi and did stool test for H.pylori , it came negative. i was fine for 3 weeks after stopping the PPi , i suddenly got severe acidic belching with whatever i eat and water is the worst, i couldn't drink a sip of water without getting acid reflux. the doctor put me on pepcid, but still but my belching has not stopped. I never in my life had this severe belching and acid reflux in my life before these treatments.I also developed constipation problem after this treatment.

What causes this severe acidic belching even after H.pylori eradication? is it caused by the antibiotic treatment?
Can removing H.pylori triggers GERD?
what is nodular gastritis?is it curable?
How long it takes me stomach to recover from these?

Please help me..... am suffering so much, i couldn't eat anything and drink even water.
Every time i burp acid comes up.

Thank you!