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H pylori and brain fog/fatigue

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 4:28 am
by Snooze247
Hello all,

So I finally found out I have h pylori after years of gastric issues.

These symptoms all started in 2013 and I often felt pain down my left rib area. I also got problems with my bladder and bowel movements. I would find it hard to empty my bladder fully, I believe this is known as stress incontinence. I went to my doctor in 2014 and was sent off for a uti check but nothing came up. I then passed blood on several occasions where after I would wipe it would be bright red with blood. I went back to my doctor and was told if it was consistent he would investigate further but it only happened in a few occasions so my doctor told me to cut back on on spicy foods. The doctor wasn’t very helpful so I decided to just leave it as it was.

Fast forward to August 2019. For the past four years I was still getting constant gastric pains that had never got better since my initial visit with my doctor back in 2014. As well as that I still had uti and bowel problems though I never passed any blood. The gastric pains were specifically bad on my left side. Then towards the end of 2019 I woke up with really bad brain fog that still hasn’t gone away to this date. As the days past I was getting really worried I was loosing it but I knew it was related to my stomach issues. I went back to a new doctor in August and described all my symptoms to him. Initially I thought it may have been gallstones or the pain was coming from my pancreas or spleen. My doctor listened to me well and ordered a whole range of blood tests and a ultrasound and a chest x-ray. Unfortunately nothing came up. So my doctor again ordered other more blood tests and gave me Lansoprazole for the time being. Again nothing showed on the bloods but the Lansoprazole did help with my gastric pains but did nothing for my brain fog and fatigue. About a month ago I finished my Lansoprazole and all the gastric pains came back. I went back to my doctor and he believed it may be h pylori. Today I got the results in and they came up positive which is a relief in some way as I have been trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms for a long time. Next week I will be picking up my prescription to hopefully eradicate it.

So my question is has anyone else ever had really bad constant brain fog/ fatigue before they started treatment and once they were treated did it get better?

Also can h pylori come in different strains or types? Sorry this might be a bit of a far fetched question but the reason I am asking as I have not read much about h pylori causing bladder problems so I am thinking this may be a separate issue.


Re: H pylori and brain fog/fatigue

Posted: Sat Feb 01, 2020 10:39 pm
by Helico_expert
H. pylori is associated with diseases related to stomach. Some doctors believe that H. pylori can cause problem other than stomach, but the evidence is still very weak.

There are indeed a few different strains of human H. pylori. However, there is no clinical significance between the different strains.

Re: H pylori and brain fog/fatigue

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 12:53 am
by Snooze247
Hi thanks for your response.

Is it also possible that h pylori can lead to nutrition defiance’s which in turn could lead to fatigue like symptoms?


Re: H pylori and brain fog/fatigue

Posted: Sun Feb 02, 2020 11:39 am
by downwithhp

I've had H pylori since 2013 (after it almost killed me) and have an extremely resistant strain that made me go through 4 to 5 treatments which all failed. I just finished a rescue treatment and I am waiting to do testing now. Fingers crossed.

To answer your question, I have also experienced a whole lot of head fog and I have mentioned it to my gastroenterologist who did not seem to understand. He did write it down so maybe he's looking into it. I also have lots of stress and I'm in my final year of college which could contribute to my brain fog. However, it doesn't explain times when I've relaxed for months and it's still there. So since my treatments, not including my recent one, have failed, I do not know if brain fog will clear up after H pylori eradication. But when my results come in and a month as passed, I'll be sure to reply to this thread and let you know my status.

Bottom line, I am certain my brain fog is caused partially by my H pylori infection, even though I do have H pylori controlled with Omeprazole. I am in a waiting period to do testing since I just finished treatment. And my brain fog has picked up a little, hopefully not because of H pylori since I want it gone, out of me.

I feel you and I can only wish you the best and a full road of recovery from your suffering.