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Ultimate cure to helicobacter pylori and digestive issues

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Ultimate cure to helicobacter pylori and digestive issues

Post by ahmed.amine.mejri »

Good morning everyone, i will try to keep my story short, i suffered from h pylori for years without knowing i had it my symptoms ranged from fatigue excessive gas bloating arrhythmia joint pain diarrhea memory loss hair loss etc etc and i took some serious damage from it which is intestinal metaplasia a precancerous condition of the cells in the stomach, i took three antibiotic courses ( basic tri therapy - pylera - levofloxacin quadri therapy (double dose) ) i got better for a little time and then i was back to square one my doctor doubted i even took the meds but i did took them to the last pill she had no solution for me other than some ppi to calm down the symptoms, i have lost faith in life and hated myself then as a last shot i tried fasting like we do in ramadan in here and things started getting better no more inflamation no more hair loss no more diarrhea i still dry fast (one meal a day) to this day and i will keep you informed of my intestinal metaplasia i hope will regress in the next clinical examination (Fibroscopy) to those who suffer like me hang on there is still hope :)

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Re: Ultimate cure to helicobacter pylori and digestive issues

Post by Helico_expert »

Thanks for sharing your story. Next time you should try find a doctor who has access to good laboratory that can culture H. pylori.

Then your doctor will know exactly what antibiotics to use to kill off your H. pylori.

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