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9th Day of medication - My HP Story

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9th Day of medication - My HP Story

Post by mangobajito »

My Story - 28 Years Male

It all started with kale juice. After drinking a bit, I felt acid reflux and upper abdominal pain. In that week, When i had some black coffee
which i used to have everyday i felt acid reflux again and same after eating broccoli. With some suggestions, i started taking acid controller pills (Dosage suggests to take for 14 days to see the difference).
while taking it daily, my situation got worse day by day, new symptoms showing up.
Bloating( i assume i had these from long back but ignored)
sounds from belly after taking food (Literally i can feel something is moving in my body)
cant sleep at nights (stomach uneasy)
Loss of appetite
weight loss(not much but i felt it started)

I started googling my symptoms and came to conclusion that it was SIBO. However, I thought i should complete 14 days course to fix my health issue. But I was completely down with no energy then i stopped taking it after 10 days. After that i called GI doctor for appointment.
It was like 2 months waiting time then i thought of doing annual checkup(as my insurance covers 1 for year) by which i can confirm my overall health. After checkup tests i spoke with doctor explaining all my symptoms.

She told me like dis "I doubt it was H pylori bacteria" not to worry. Lets have a breath test next week as we will be having all the reports
of annual checkup too. we can come to conclusion.she told me to avoid bismuth and some other medicines until test.

Then I started googling about H Pylori(which i have never heard in my life) and my symptoms were 100% matching then i got fixed that i have h pylori. Started looking for natural remedies.
Immediately bought some
Manuka honey
Cranberry juice
broccoli sprouts

after some more research (2 more days). I bought
Mastic gum
DGL Licorice

After having manuka honey i felt some relief, i continued taking broccoli sprouts,garlic, cranberry juice but i haven't felt any major changes to my condition(i assume natural remedies will take time).Went for reports following week, reports were absolutely fine and gave breath test.
Meanwhile my mastic gum, DGL arrived. Took 2 pills of mastic gum early morning on empty stomach (there comes the magic) i felt so much relief and after 3 days i became normal. However Judgement day was arrived and as predicted doctor said it is H pylori positive.
Doctor gave prescription for 10 days
Tetracycline 4 times
metronidazole 4 times
omeparazole 2 times
pepto bismol 4 times

I stopped natual remedies and started taking medication from next day, on the first day felt uneasy but from second day i started coming to normal again. Just now completed my 9th day, i feel i was completely normal (eating everything). Among 9 days except bismuth i took everything on time (i used to take bismuth only 2 times some days)

I had followup breath test on 18th nov 2019. But i will move it to end of the month and will update my result here.

But i will continue the below natural remedies for 2 more months
mastic gum
cabbage juice
manuka honey

Finally thanks for all the contributors to dis great forum, i used to read your stories and relate myself.
Thanks to my doctor who predicted it early(as i read in so many stories that it took years for them to figure out whats happening)
Will people get normal with first phase of medication? what are chances of reinfection?
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Re: 9th Day of medication - My HP Story

Post by Helico_expert »

Thanks for sharing your story. It is however not advisable to take antibiotics without doctors prescription. What you read from google is not always right.

Anyway, I assume you are HP negative now.

It's hard to get reinfected. However it is possible if you are living with someone carrying H. pylori under the same roof. Try to get everyone under the same roof to get tested and treatment.

Look after your personal hygiene can reduce risk of reinfection.

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Re: 9th Day of medication - My HP Story

Post by mangobajito »


Thanks for the reply, i took antibiotics after doctors prescription.

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Re: 9th Day of medication - My HP Story

Post by mangobajito »

Even after medication i felt these symptoms
borborygmi (Rumbling sounds from stomach)
I am unable to sleep on left side, whenever i tried my stomach made unbearable sounds..

i read in forum that to heal your gut it takes time.thats the only hope that kept me think positive..
I got better day by day...
and after 3 to 4 weeks borborygmi stopped, but i still feel some back pain now..

Took the follow up test yesterday and it came out negative

This is what i took after medication ( i am not sure whether it helped or not, but i thought before taking follow up test, i have to try all possible natural ways )

Broccoli sprouts on empty stomach every morning for 20 days.
Kefir daily
Yogurt with saurkraut daily
Licorice root

Coming to food..
I ate everything (pizza, donuts, chocolates etc)..

In this period, i stopped my physical activities..should start hitting gym again..

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Re: 9th Day of medication - My HP Story

Post by Helico_expert »

I think it's good news that your UBT is negative. At least you know your stomach condition will not deteriorate any further. If you find those natural herbs useful, please continue. Otherwise, you can try ranitidine (or PPI) to see if that helps with the "rumbling" sound.

Gym is good. Keeping physical fitness is always going to help.

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