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欧洲幽门螺杆菌治疗共识 5

Looking for some advice please after 2 failed treatments??

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Looking for some advice please after 2 failed treatments??

Post by kattiegreen »

Hello I am a 31 year old female, I was diagnosed with this awful bacteria 4 months a go after numerous trips to the doctors with indigestion. I tested positive on a stool sample. I was put on metronidazole and clarythmerycin and a ppi for 7 days, I felt great for 4 weeks after but sadly the symptoms all came back :( I tested positive on another stool sample and was then put on a second treatment of clarythmerycin, amoxicillin and a ppi for 7 days. I felt great for a couple weeks then all symptoms came back. I then tested positive on an endoscopy and am waiting to hear what my 3rd treatment will be. I am desperate for some advice please from some one who actually knows about this bacteria, as sadly my gp isn't very experienced. Would you be able to suggest what the next best treatment would be please. Thank you very much for your time.

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Re: Looking for some advice please after 2 failed treatments??

Post by nonamec5 »

I was positive twice. What killed the hpylori was that the 3rd treatment was for 14 days. First 2 treatments was for 7 days. And like you felt fine for a few weeks and symptoms came back. I think you need longer treatment.

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Re: Looking for some advice please after 2 failed treatments??

Post by Hpuk »

In the uk they only offer 7 days. I keep telling my Gp gov eme 14 days and she keeps saying there is no evidence that you need that long. Well clearly you do because I've just had two rounds of treatments which hasnt worked

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Re: Looking for some advice please after 2 failed treatments??

Post by Helico_expert »

great discussion here.

first of all, Kattiegreen definitely is carrying a multidrug resistant H. pylori. You can ask your doctor to give you
high dose PPI, eg Rabeprazole 20mg TID
high dose Amoxicillin 1g TID
bismuth compound
and one more antibiotics that you have not tried. eg. ciprofloxacin, rifabutin, or furazolidone.

in terms of number of days, 14 days is slightly better than 10 days and 10 days is slightly better than 7 days. Most of the time is the side effect that is putting people off. The longer you take the tablets, the more side effect you will be experiencing.

Please do not get confused that if 7 days failed, you should take the same tablets for 14 days instead. If the 7 days treatment failed, that means your bug has already learnt how to fight back the antibiotics. So it is useless to take the same drugs for longer period.

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