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Positive Stool Sample Test -- Why Endoscopy & What Test for Spouse?

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:22 pm
by Statchmo
Hi, I was just diagnosed with H Pylori via a stool test and have just started my 14 days of antibiotics. My GP also referred me to a gastro doc for an endoscopy. My question is, if we know I am positive for H Pylori and am already doing the standard treatment, what is the point of the endoscopy? As you would expect, I will not get in to see the gastro doc immediately, and then a scheduled scope could be weeks after that -- at best that procedure is probably at least a month away. I am not opposed to the endoscopy, and I do understand the idea of biopsies for stomach cancer (although my symptoms are relatively mild and indicate a possible ulcer, and not stomach cancer), but I do want to understand the medical thinking here before I end up spending close to $1000 on the endoscopy (and that is with "good" insurance!)

My symptoms for the past month have been nausea after eating (sometimes immediately, sometimes 2-3 hours later), mild abdominal cramping, and heartburn. I waited several weeks before going in to see a doctor, during which time I severely limited my food intake in both amounts, and food choices, resulting in approximately a 10-pound weight loss -- but it was the only way I could continue to function and go to work, which is a financial necessity. After a couple of weeks of chicken broth and soda crackers, plus lots of water, I was able to start eating again, but I have almost entirely limited myself to eggs and oatmeal b/c they don't seem to bother my stomach, and while I have gained back about 5 pounds of what I lost, I know I still do not feel like myself. I was SHOCKED when the doc told me she suspected an ulcer, but then when she wanted to do the test for H Pylori and I read about the connection to stomach ulcers, I understood.

Part 2 of my question is this: my husband tested positive for H. Pylori back in 2014 when he got terribly sick and ended up in the hospital. After an overnight stay there, what turned out to be a completely unnecessary appendectomy (!!! it was 100% healthy!!!) and a colonoscopy that showed nothing, a FRIEND suggested the H Pylori test, which he got, and when it came back positive, began the antibiotic regime -- which HE NEVER FINISHED b/c the side effects he said were worse than what landed him in the hospital in the first place. Now he is kicking himself b/c he believes he probably is the one who infected me and caused my current situation, SO ... I told him he needs to go get tested AGAIN and if positive, take and COMPLETE his course of antibiotics. But WHICH TEST should he have given his history, blood or stool?

Thanks so much -- so grateful to have found this forum.

Re: Positive Stool Sample Test -- Why Endoscopy & What Test for Spouse?

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 12:27 am
by ankiwo72
Did you or husband take breath test?

I always thought a breath test 4 weeks after treatment is the protocol, and if positive then endoscopy done...?

Re: Positive Stool Sample Test -- Why Endoscopy & What Test for Spouse?

Posted: Sun Jan 05, 2020 10:01 am
by Helico_expert
I have answered this elsewhere.