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Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 4:19 am
by Lila
I’ve been suffering for the last 3 years with this horrible bug. Tried almost everything including 6th rounds of antibiotics yet every year it resurges twice. Felt really good, regained my weight back,my b12 is high a bit low in iron and tested. Negative for it via stool tests A month ago but could be false negative because of intake of antibiotics for a low grade ecoli uti a few days before.Then after the antibiotics i started having symptoms of hp once again, left side stomach pain in early mornings, GERDS, nausea, soft stools, What next?
Because of my history of it reassuring several times my doctor prescribed Amoxilin, rabenprezole,bismuth high doses for 10 days.PPI makes me terribly ill and is out of the question can it be replaced with h2 receptors such as famotidine?
Iam on a mastic,black seed,oregano,coconut oil and NCL plus vit C,selenium,b12,probiotics,cod liver oil , biofilm disruptors , Manuka honey +10 to see how I go.Most of my symptoms have abated ,except for early morning discomfort and a bit of gerds due to a hiatus hernia. My diet changed drastically too to stop feeding the bacteria. Hopefully I wont need the antibiotics...will stay on this regime and retest in 2 weeks and report back.
Trying everything that I can to keep my guts healthy without having to destroy my gi flora once again. Have anyone had any success in eliminating this pest with natural medicines?

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 9:11 am
by Helico_expert
You can use high dose H2 blockers to replace PPI.
But there are many types of PPI, maybe you can try different PPI? such as rabeprazole, pantoprazole, etc

In regards to natural regimen, the success rate is very low. Some members in this forum claim that their formula work for them and many failed to reproduce the outcome.

H. pylori cannot become resistant to amoxicillin and bismuth. So you can always repeat these two antibiotics.
When you are ready for the next antibiotic treatment, you can ask your doctor for high dose PPI (eg rabeprazole 20mg TID), high dose amox (1g TID), high dose bismuth (240mg QID), and one antibiotic that you had not tried (eg. ciprofloxacin, rifabutin, furazolidone).

Tetracycline doesnt work very well with Amoxicillin. otherwise you can also try PPI + Bismuth + tetracycline + metronidazole.

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 2:48 pm
by Lila
Thank you so much for answering my questions so fast. God bless you for your commitment to help others to recover from this pest.
Can I use famotidine 20 mg dose+ amoxil+ bismuth and skip the third antibiotic ? For how long, would 10 days be enough to kill it?
I had so many treatments,I so sick of fighting agains this thing with drugs that are making me feel so ill. Can ialso combine it with some natural drugs mentioned by some members on this Forum? Iam trying to maximise the cure rate and minimise the dammages caused by another round of antibiotics

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Sun Feb 23, 2020 10:15 pm
by Helico_expert
You probably need 14 days treatment.

The key to high success cure rate is the effectiveness in inhibiting acid. H2 blocker is a weak acid blocker. So I think you need the third antibiotic to boost your cure rate.

famotidine 20mg twice a day.

You can have some natural product while having the treatment.

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:57 am
by mrsdmilkman
For Lila
Did you retest? Did the natural treatments work?

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 2:45 am
by Lila
Sorry for the delay. No itdid not work for long. I felt better for a few month, but it resurged.
Had to get another prescription of 2 antibiotics ,bismut and a ppi. But before this antibiotics treatment i took a month of natural drugs such as mastic,black seed oil,dgl,probiotics,high doses of vit C,antaxantin,etc Felt really good as the bacterial load of Hp was lower as I had very mild symptoms this time compared to previous times. The Second level of my treatment consist of x2 antibiotics , bismuth and ppi. The relief was felt from day one this time around.
Iam making a diary To help others.
Pilory treatment 2020

Pepto bismol x2 twice
Amoxiline 1g twice a day
Alphamox 1000mg twice aday
Lanzaprezole 30mg oncea day As twice a day is too problematic for me.

Also taking
VitC high doses
Antaxantin 800 ml
Probiotics s boulangii

- anaemia
- shortness of breath
- racing heart
- Itchy skin
-Weird bowel motion,too loose or too hard,bad smell and darker. than normal.
- No appetite
- Craving sugar and carbs
- Hair fall
- Eyes deterioration,dry eyes,foggy vision
- Hearing loss
- Dizziness
- Dry skin
- Severe nausea
- Feeling tired than usual,noenergy
- [ ] Poor memory
- Headaches
- Intermittent stomach pains,mostly at early morning
- Intolerance to spices and fat
- Gassy
-Bloated and farting lots
- Burping lots
- Bad breath
- White coated tongue
-] Dry mouth And lips
- Allergies
- Feeling extremely cold in extremities, feet could not get warm.
- Feeling ill
- Hoarseness
- Reflux
- Bitter mouth in the morning
- Swallowing difficulties
-Peeing lots
- Palpitations
- Depression and anger
- Prolapse aggravation
-Not sleeping well at all.
- Severe throat clearing
- clicking throat
-throat phlegm
- Itchiness on neck ,chest and arms
-Funny burning feeling sensation on back,front and arms
- Mild sinus with smell on mucus In only one side of nostril.
- Tinnitus and feeling inside on side of ear and throat

Day 2
*Same protocol as above and exercises
Symptoms Are seriously diminishing!
- [ ] Globus in throat is better
- [ ] Clicking in throat is stronger today for some reason
- [ ] Awaken twice and felt a bit unease on upper left side
- [ ] Still have itching arms and neck,chest area
- [ ] Did not have a bowel motion today.
- [ ] not bloated but feeling gassy

Day 3
*Same protocol as above abd exercises as energy lvel is higher.
- [ ] Itchy still but mild.
- [ ] perfect bowel motion today and no smell
- [ ] Appetite is back
- [ ] No pains at all
- [ ] No gas
- [ ] No bloat
- [ ] Click throat is gone
- [ ] No throat clearing
- [ ] No hoarseness
- [ ] Globus gone
- [ ] Slept 5 full hours Interrupted
- [ ] More energy
- [ ] Nose less stuffy
- [ ] Most symptoms gone except for itchy skin
- [ ] Mild bloat after meals If eaten too much,I ‘m really hungry now.
- [ ] Gerds almost all gone,bitter taste in mouth on early mornings is almost gone.

Day4 Saturday
- [ ] No more pains
- [ ] No more acidity
- [ ] Clicking gone
- [ ] Hoarseness gone
- [ ] Throat clearing gone
- [ ] Nausea gone
- [ ] Itching skin gone
- [ ] 90% of all symptoms are gone
- [ ] Sore upper tummy if eating too much
- [ ] Lots of appetite
- [ ] Good memory
- [ ] Mild headache after taking antibiotics at night
- [ ] Still stuffy nose left side
- [ ] perfect bowel motion
- [ ] less Irritable
- [ ] Craving sugars
- [ ] Guts growling lots after a heavy fault! :(

Also taking vit D,b12, high doses of C,magnesium, selenium, antaxantin, digestive enzymes,bromelain,zinc,probiotics,s. Boulangii.

Will update untill after retest. Will eat normally and healthy meals choices restricting carbs and sugars. I do believe that a big mistake made is going on a highly restrictive diet and make the body too weak to fight this bug.we need to build our immune system to fight it and keep it strong stop resurgences. It imperative to rebuild the bacterial flora and to minimise its destruction when on treatments. The body defences depends on it, hence often having resurgences of Hp and other bad bugs. After lots of researches I do feel empowered to fight it better this time.

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Sun May 03, 2020 9:34 pm
by Helico_expert
Amoxiline 1g twice a day
Alphamox 1000mg twice aday

these two are the same thing. you sure these are the only antibiotics you are given?

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 3:24 am
by Lila
Yes,and for some incredible reason I feel great !
With the others I never responded this way and that fast. Is that a new way of treating it?
Then I,been asked to replace Alphamox for metradonizole but Keep on taking amoxilin 2g a day for an extra 7 days and retest in 1 month.
Seems like my doctor is trying a sequential? It is a very high dose of penicilin, maybe it will kill the bug this time.
So far all symptoms are totally gone! The doctor did show me that the combination of 120 mg omeprazole daily and 2.25 g amoxicillin daily with its H. pylori cure rate of around 90% is one of the best tolerated and most effective treatment regimens. Iam taking 4 g plus 60g of PPI( replacing with famotidine) Because of multi treatment failures we had to innovate a bit and then add metradonizole with high doses amoxilin to avoid resistance. Hope it works to eradicate it for good.
Will keep you informed.

Sunday 5
Same protocol as above
- [ ] 90%symptoms free
- [ ] Had mild headache early morning due to PPI
- [ ] A bit of phlegm on throat
- [ ] Lots of energy
- [ ] Clear mind
- [ ] Feeling almost normal, so to say.
- [ ] Up to now antibiotics are not causing concerns as I had no side effects so far.
- [ ] Mild itch Gone today.
- [ ] No bloat
- [ ] Painful after eating twice today,a vegan burger for lunch and beans for dinner.I have to remember to keep a mild diet during protocol

I believe that the lack of severe side from antibiotics this time,even though I am on a protocol with very high doses of it, can be put to a pre treatment with lots of vitamins ,gut supplements,mastica,monolauril,and pre and pro biotics,high doses of C,b12,selenium,magnesium and D vitamins. And also a health clean diet of almost no sugar,fat or carbs.I’am also taking kelp and cranberries to create a coat inside my stomach so the hp can’t grab and dig holes in it. And I feed myself well to get stronger to fight it,no dieting this time. Elimination of things that feeds bad bugs is important so is eating the right food.
But PPI is causing severe symptoms and I will switch it to be able to carry on treatment for 10 days.

Monday 6
Same protocol as above starting famotidine instead of lanzaprezole because of headaches.
- [ ] No pains
-[ ] still have mild sinus ,but no more smell inside nostrils. It used to smell fishy?
- [ ] No throat clearing
- [ ] No bloat
- [ ] Itchy chest,maybe allergy to vit A?
- [ ] Normal bowel motion
- [ ] Lots of energy
- [ ] No more headaches
-[ ] feeling great today.lifting heavier weight as well.
-[ ] sleeping the entire night.

Have to up my probiotics intake.

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 9:08 am
by Helico_expert
So you are taking 2 lots of 1g Amoxicillin twice a day, meaning 4g of of Amoxicillin a day. That's bigger dose than what we were normally prescribed. But as long as you feel ok, I guess it's ok.

120mg omeprazole is high dose too. Perhaps it's working as well.

I agree that high dose PPI and Amox will yield high cure rate. So we shall wait and see if your HP can be eradicated under such treatment regime.

Re: Multiple antibiotic treatment failure ,trying the natural options

Posted: Tue May 05, 2020 10:30 am
by Denmoe
Apple pectin lets try to add this to our treatment . I am going to make it i am on day 4

BabA and LPS inhibitors against Helicobacter pylori: pectins and pectin-like rhamnogalacturonans as adhesion blockers.

Where in this together . Tnnks for your post i am also doing most of vitamins .

If you have trouble sleeping what works best for me it this Mary ruth vitamin sleeping vitamin aid with out melatonin

I am on ommepazole and amoxillen mg 1000 times 2 twice a day Clarithromycin 500mg once a day .
Probitotic from yugurts bouth the same one you have .

I have a probiotic but seems like too many want to start small I think the antibiotics also kill the good bacteria

Also thinking throwing in there colloidal silver as there attracted to metals so they come check out the silver and bam they die . is what i think

also tons of coconut water and oils and coconut meat . with chia seeds .