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Fake doctor treatment?

Posted: Sun Oct 21, 2018 2:09 am
by Onesickmofo
Hello all, I am sorry if I ask very stupid question, but I realy dont trust my doctor, and there is no one other in this hellhole that can help me.

I would like to check if what he has given me is ok, he called it sequential treatment.

First 5 days:

Nexium 40mg, twice a day
Amoxicillin 1g, twice a day (does this mean 2g per day? something is off, I dont have nearly enough)

Next 5 days:

Nexium 40mg, twice a day
Metronidazole 500mg, twice a day
Clarithromycin 500mg, twice a day

Does this make any sense?

He also gave me a few Lansoprazole pills. What should I do with them? He did not even tell me how much to take and when?

Either way, he gave me too little medicine, if I follow prescription I will run out in 4 days, so I need to somehow get more. But before I spend more money that I dont have, please tell me if this is worth buying? I searched online before, and most treatments do NOT look like this.

Please help me out guys, I allready had to take days off becouse I was feeling like I was about to through up any moment, I need to get rid of this bacteria NOW.