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miRNAs in bacteria?

Posted: Tue Mar 22, 2016 9:35 pm
by mrswoody
Does H. pylori have miRNAs that may target p27 in humans?
I am not a scientist but it is my understanding that only viruses possess miRNAs.
I thank you very, very much for any response.

Re: miRNAs in bacteria?

Posted: Wed Mar 23, 2016 9:41 am
by Helico_expert
wow.. this is a tough one. the simple answer is yes, HP has microRNA and I would expect every living things to have it. This is a relatively new topic and scientist is still scratching the surface to understand what does it do. It seems like it has a purpose of regulating gene expression. But how it itself is regulated is unknown.

Re: miRNAs in bacteria?

Posted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 2:26 pm
by michaeljonson
Yes H.plyori has microRNA (miRNA) which further causes inflammation.