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H pylori symptoms started 5 weeks after having baby

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H pylori symptoms started 5 weeks after having baby

Post by Desiree2 »

I have so many h pylori questions but I'm going to start here first for answers lol I was just diagnosed with h pylori on Friday and I had my daughter 12 weeks ago. My symptoms started about 6 weeks ago. Can h pylori lie dormant? If so could I have passed it on to my daughter while I was pregnant? I tried breast feeding but she couldn't latch on without a nipple shield so we only breast feed a few times

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Re: H pylori symptoms started 5 weeks after having baby

Post by Helico_expert »

more than 50% of the world population is infected with H. pylori.
Most of them are asymtomatic, meaning "dormant". And many died in old age without knowing they are carrier.
It is possible to pass H. pylori to your daughter, but not while you are pregnant. H. pylori is specific to the stomach and only lives there. It will not cross placenta. Nevertheless, studies suggested that a positive mother is probably 10x more likely to pass H. pylori to child compare to infected father. This is because mother spend more time with the child and more importantly, mother is normally in charge of the solid feeding. So, children below 2 years old are normally free of H. pylori.

So, to prevent passing H. pylori to your daughter, you must look after your personal hygiene. Understand the basic of oral-oral route and feacal-oral route transmission.

The last thing you want is being paranoid. Like I said, many people in the world is infected and most of them are infected during child hood and carried it for the rest of their life. Most people are asymtomatic. Some scientist even believe H. pylori is good for children as they tame the immune system. So the infected child is less likely to be allergic to anything and everything.

I have briefly touched many concepts of H. pylori. Do ask again if I have not answered your question.

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Re: H pylori symptoms started 5 weeks after having baby

Post by Desiree2 »

No that does help I did call her pediatrician as soon as I found out I had the infection and he did tell me that we can discuss it at her next check up but that's not until October and I couldn't wait a whole month without answers thanks again helico_expert!

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