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Can H.pylori in mouth cause reinfection?

How do you catch Hp? From your mother when she kisses you? From brothers and sisters as a small child? From sexual partners as adults (kissing)? From dirty water (fecal contamination)? From animals? Who knows???

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Re: Can H.pylori in mouth cause reinfection?

Post by Helico_expert »

as long as you are sure that your h. pylori has been eradicated, it is very hard to get reinfected. of course, basic hygiene is required to reduce the chances of true reinfection. H. pylori will not survive outside human body. It's sensitive to oxygen and it's very slow growing. slow growing means, it cannot compete with other organism for nutrient. Therefore, it cannot survive on your tooth brush nor your yogurt. Not in soup, not in utensils, not in the air, not in water and not from soil. you may, in small chance, find h. pylori in toilet door handle, flush, and saliva. with a lot higher chance in someone else's vomit.

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Re: Can H.pylori in mouth cause reinfection?

Post by Helico_expert »

it's hard for adult to get reinfection unless you constantly share food or kiss someone who is infected. H. pylori cannot survive well outside human body. So you dont have to worry too much about yogurt and toothbrush.

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