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Send urgent personal email to Dr. Marshall. I can’t always respond quickly because I receive so many emails. For urgent messages from colleagues, please also send a fax to me at the two adress link above. For invitations to Nobel Laureate activities it is best to review the documents at and contact the staff there at the Office of the Nobel Laureates of Western Australia.

Sorry if I am behind on my email (like about 12 months!)

Since Dr Warren and I won the Nobel Prize we have had less time to respond to the Website. We’re sorry.

Please post all your H.pylori questions on the forums page. This will help others with the same question and is also likely to provide you with a detailed answer. Once you post a question, replies on the discussion page are automatically sent to your email. As you will see from the discussion page, I answer quite a few of the posted questions myself. From now on I will not be answering questions sent by email. You should also look at the FAQ’s before giving up.

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